Carselona is very selective in choosing partners to render required service to your car. Partners are required to follow SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) to diagnose and do the repair job. The same is vetted by Carselona representative before final delivery to you.
No, our platform is designed in a way to give quality service to all customers based on the SOP set by Carselona and our partners without any escalation in price. All parts used are either OEM or OES leaving no room for spurious parts. Since we have a feature of “live costing”, you have an option to select the service based on workshop rating and the corresponding cost.
Workshop rating system is based on the ratings given by customers. Higher ratings means maximum customer satisfaction and Carselona rewards them with higher visibility on app and recommendations for them to get more customers and increased business. This reward system keeps workshops on their toes to render higher customer satisfaction. In the end you get the best deal.
Transparency and trust are the pillars of our business model hence we have been very choosy in selecting our partners to avoid such misunderstandings. As a part of a standard operating practice, we return used parts to customers for verification.
Once you opt for diagnosis, we pickup your car and give the detail of parts replacement or repair and consequent labour involved. It’s transparent and can be compared with others for verification. Once the service is done, you will get itemized bill for the service provided by Carselona.
Yes, we would have all the service details and jobs done in our data base for future references. The same can be viewed by you in your history folder any time on your app. Every service done is stored safely with itemized billing and parts details with date and time.
Yes, we do take the responsibility of your car from the time it’s picked to the time it’s delivered to your place (in case of valid insured vehicles only). The pick up and drop time can be requested and fixed by you digitally.
This is what we have been doing all these years. Carselona is born to eliminate this inconvenience of yours by picking and dropping the vehicle without you moving out of your home. However, if you still want to be at the workshop, you are welcome to our home.
Our Carselona partners have been selected on evaluations based on basic hygiene, functional & operational capabilities with great level of integrity and of course basic infrastructure. We don’t insist on great Infrastructure cost which adds on to the cost of repairs for you. Hence, with Carselona you can save anywhere between 30 to 40 precent.
It’s a very unique service provided by Carselona to know the health of your car. Just like Human body full body check-up. Once opted for the service, our representative would pick your car and do the full diagnosis of your car and report the issues in two categories viz ; mandatory (must do) and additional (problematic area but not urgent) and you can choose the service required. In case you decide not to opt for the service,we would charge nominal amount of labour engagement,pick up and drop and return the car to you.
Sometimes we know the cause of the problem in our car and we need it to be corrected. Just like any problem reporting process,you can reach out to Carselona. We will check and repair the same along with overall health check up of your car.
Our car runs on the road day and night and has more than 40000 parts moving along with it. Normal wear and tear is inevitable and hence manufacturers have specified a periodic time and range within which certain mandatory parts need check up and replacement along with aiding lubricants.
Car is an extension of your personality and status. You want it to be at its best. At Carselona we believe your car also needs certain amount of care and pampering. Regular spa and coating would keep your car always shining and beautiful.
Just like any emergency, if you are stuck with any car problem which needs immediate attention, we are just a Carselona away.
As a company we recommend digital payment and have integrated payment gateways for your convenience. We also have an EMI option for you to pay in small monthly installments. However, for cash options you can get in touch with our customer care to guide you further.
Sorry, may be not. Our workshops are running full all the time and considering the space issues, we request you to receive it once the service is over.

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